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Slow Feeder For Dogs

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Does your dog eat fast????

So did my dog!

Hi, I am Lindsay and those two super cute dogs are my babies!

The larger dog eats REALLY fast!

Eating fast can be extremely dangerous for dogs!!!

So, this began my hunt for the perfect Slow Feeder. I have tried several different brands and the Outward Hound is the best!

I have a 90lb pitbull mastiff mix. (He’s a big boy! And he’s only 1 ½ years old!) Sometimes I wonder if he is even breathing when he is eating. I have never seen an animal inhale their food like he does.

I quickly realized this was causing him some tummy problems. I called my vet and she recommended a slow feed bowl for him.

Product Review & Details

Convenient: I purchased my slow feed bowl on Amazon and it was here in 2 days.

Price: $10.99 or $11.19 depending on the color you choose – so reasonable!!! My first slow feeder was purchased at Petco and it was TWICE as much. They are super similar in quality and design. Seriously, $10.99 for this bowl will save you vet fees!!!

Durable: This bowl seems more durable than the Petco feeder. Check out what my dog did to the Petco bowl. Hence why we named him Troy, which is short for Destroy!

Size Options: Outward Hound has many size and design options. Just check them out on Amazon.

Non-skid Bottom: The bowl NEVER moves around when Troy is eating. The only time he moves the bowl around is when he is done and purposely trying to see if any of the food got under the bowl.

Easy to Clean: Dishwasher safe! I have other bowls that I put in the dishwasher and they come out with a weird film. This bowl is nice and clean after. Very pleased!

Dry & Wet Food: I mostly feed my dogs dry food but occasionally I will spoil them and put wet food in there and it works just the same.

Holds 4 cups: I only feed my dog 1 1/2 cups at a time so there is plenty of room. I was feeding him 2 cups at a time but he’s on a diet after my vet saw him last.



Does the Slow Feeder Really Work?

See for yourself! Check out my dog eating from his slow feeder.



UPDATE: So my other dog, Alexa, was my dainty little eater, until recently. It use to take her 15 minutes to eat her food. Now she is finishing before Troy. So I decided to get her a slow feed bowl as well.

I debated on whether or not to get the smaller one because she is much smaller than Troy. Alexa is a 45lb pitbull terrier mix and only eats 1 cup of food at each meal.

I decided to go with the Outward Hound Slow Feed, Small, Purple bowl. I’am so excited for her to try it out. Stay tuned for more videos.


The Best Slow Feeder

The best one I have found is the “Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slow Feed Interactive Bloat Stop Dog Bowl” (wow that’s a mouth full! No pun intended)

*I have the Caribbean Blue because the purple wasn’t manly enough for Troy.



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*Disclaimer – I am an affiliate for this product which means your price is the exact same but I get a commission referring you. Pretty cool huh?