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About Us

“My hunt for the perfect slow feeder started when my two super cute dogs ate really fast. I realized this was causing them some tummy problems. So, I called my vet and she recommended a slow feeder for dogs.”

This is where I got the idea of my small business. As a dog lover and a Pitbull Mastiff owner, I know that it is very important to slow down your dog’s food intake, since it has a direct relation to your pet’s health. Thus, the best dog bowls to slow down eating are absolutely important.

There are many available dog feed bowls to slow down eating in the market. And, we are selling different types of slow feeder for dogs, which can be found in varying sizes, colours and shapes. These dog feeders are tested and proven in high quality.

The products that we are selling meet the right standards, in relation to animal welfare through proper care. We deeply believe that feeding your dog the right way will lead to your pet’s proper and good health.

If you have an idea, a question or even a comment, please feel free to email us here or to leave a message through this site. We look forward to hearing from you!