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Help Dogs Avoid Gulping Their Food Too Fast To Prevent Dangers

Does your dog gulp down his food too fast? Eating too fast can cause harm and danger to your dogs. He may likely bloat, vomit, choke and even burp. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to slow down their eating. You have to address competitive behaviour with regards to eating. Just learn the vital things to physically slow down your dog’s eating habits.

Slowing Down Your Dog’s Eating Behavior

To slow down your dog’s eating behaviour, try to fill the dog dish differently rather than just dumping the food into a dog dish. Turn the metal non-tip bowl upside down and spread the food in the ring. Your pet has to circle around the bowl for him to be able to get all the food, as well as pick his head up to shift to the other side of the bowl. This simply can help slow down your dog’s eating habit.

You can also buy special dog bowls to slow down eating.  If you want to buy a commercial plastic bowl, try the slow feeder for dogs. They are non-tip bowls with plastic knobs in the center but don’t have grip rings. This kind of slow feeder will require the pets to chase on their food. You also buy a puzzle feeder. This helps in preventing them to gulp on their food right away because they have to uncover the food by moving pieces of a puzzle aside. There are a lot of dog food bowls that slow down eating available for purchase and you can choose the right bowl for your pet.

Another way to prevent them from inhaling their food too fast is by dividing the food into portions. You can either split the food into different small saucers or divide them among individual dips in a cupcake or muffin tin. This way the dog has to find the saucers or comes up for air between mouthfuls. If you don’t have muffin tins at home, you can place a large rock on the center of the bowl and spread the food around it. The domesticated animal has to push the rock aside to eat, slowing him down.

When all of these tips fail, try raising the food bowl. Place the food bowl on a chair or a low table. It will force to raise his paws on the surface and it will slant his gullet downhill. It will help decrease the amount of air swallowed and will help position his head up to make burping easier.

If you also have many dogs at home, you can easily determine the competitive eater. Your pet is considered as a competitive eater when you find him eating his food quickly, because he fears that the other dogs might steal his food. He tries to race over and eat the other’s food. This particular behaviour is called competitive eating.

When you have dogs behaving like this and eat too fast, persevere with the changes in feeding. While not everything may work, just try however to find something that may help them. Always remember that it’s going to take time for them to learn how to slow down eating.

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