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Help Dogs Avoid Gulping Their Food Too Fast To Prevent Dangers

Does your dog gulp down his food too fast? Eating too fast can cause harm and danger to your dogs. He may likely bloat, vomit, choke and even burp. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to slow down their eating. You have to address competitive behaviour with regards to eating. Just learn the Continue Reading

Help Your Dogs to Slow Down Eating

Taking your dogs to the vet every time they get choked or vomit as they eat their meals too fast, can surely empty your pockets. You would keep on sending them if you will not do something about it. Aside from that, you are not just causing troubles to your budget, but also to the Continue Reading

Keeping Your Dogs Healthy By Changing their Eating Behaviors

As the owners of your pet dogs, you should do your part in taking care of them, especially on matters that is out of their control. As animals, they have behaviors which they cannot change on their own and this would include their fast eating habits. You might find them very cute at first and Continue Reading

Training Your Dogs to Slow Down Eating

Looking after your dog is one of the most rewarding tasks you can do all day. It feels having the best creature as your companion. You need to take care of your pet from head to its tails. Of course, one of your major concerns includes what your pet dog should eat. However, you should Continue Reading

Providing Dog Bowls That Can Help Your Pets Eat Slowly

Experts say that when the dogs inhale their food, their cravings are heightened that is why they tend to eat fast. And since they are animals, they have the instincts for survival and they behave as if they are in competition of finishing the food first before anyone else. Even if this eating habit is Continue Reading

Slow Feeding for Dogs for Better Health

You might have realized already that aside from enjoying looking at your dogs eat very fast, because you find them funny to stare at, there is also a health risk that is posing there. Even if it is normal for our pets to behave that way, we should be mindful of the fact that once Continue Reading

How Do We Care for Dogs?

Should there any problem with your dog’s health, slow feeder for dogs is a must. A healthy dog needs a healthy diet. Slow Feeder for Dogs gives you all the information you need to make better food choices, and, at the same time, to create a customized feeding plan to help you feed your dogs Continue Reading